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here's what's been going on in my first few days in wisconsin. (p.s. sorry for not cutting it. i suck at cutting when pictures are involved. besides, it's just one random post.)

thursday night i went to madison with my friend kelly to see the always amazing boat. i got to write their setlist and brought my whistle for the whistle test. it was a ton of fun. i didn't get home 'til almost 3:30 in the morning. here's a couple pics.

after falling asleep sometime after 4 i woke up about 10:30 to get ready to go with my dad to see his dad in neshkoro (population: 453). i haven't seen my grandpa from this side of the family for probably almost 15 years. my dad and i talked about why and it's really too much to go into here. to put it simply, i'm glad i went. i was a little nervous but it was fine. he is pretty sick and this may have been the last time i see him. meet the original al sauer as well as my dad. if you look close you can see his/my name on the side of the house by his head.

this is where my dad worked when he was a kid

a napa auto parts store in berlin, wi we passed on the way.

on the way home we stopped to watch this cropduster. when i worked for napa in oshkosh i would stop and watch this guy sometimes. you just need to see the way he flies. it's like his own personal rollercoaster.

my friend todd (a.k.a. heller~mason) played later that night. it was pretty good aside from the oblivious people who stood in front of him blabbing like he wasn't even playing. idiots.

i finally took my dads el camino out today. it's sooooo much fun! it's loud and it's got some fucking balls to it. YEAH!!! BURNOUT!!!!

after spending the day in appleton shopping with my friend matt it was time to figure out the evening plans. the only one that came together ended up being a blast. kelly and her sister along with a few of her sisters friends went to the fon du lac county fair and saw............................POISON! yes, the Poison.

it was alot more fun than i was thinking it would be. they played fallen angel which made my night. the only lame part was they played about a half dozen songs from their "new" album which happens to be all covers. WTF?!?!?!

here are some random shots from the fair. as you can see by my profile picture there were a few sweet mullets.

so, yeah. i think that just about gets us caught up. there are lots more pictures to be seen here so take a peek if you're interested. it's 3:18 am and this is the earliest i'm about to go to bed so far on this trip. it sounds like my family will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow and then i will be starting my airshow volunteer work. there's probably gonna be alot of airplane pictures for the next week.


and tim....when the f#ck are we gonna hang out?!

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